The New FACE of Coworking: Flexibility, Autonomy, Collaboration, Energy

Let’s FACE it: Work can get monotonous! Working alone at home or in the same office with the same people every day can become mundane and routine. Maybe that explains why coworking spaces are in such high demand; people want an alternative to the traditional office or work from home experience. The most productive workers … Read more

Why College Graduates Should Work in Coworking Spaces

people chatting in front of a screen

Upon graduation, many college graduates are skeptical about working in a traditional office space. A majority of them are looking for innovative spaces to house their entrepreneurial spirit and think that a conventional office space cannot provide the ideal work environment. This idea is not accurate as coworking spaces can be a nourishing place for … Read more

Coworking Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Renting an office is a better option. For small businesses, the overhead costs of an office rental is astronomical compared to a coworking space. And when you take into consideration the cost of Wi-Fi, coffee, printing, cleaning services, furniture, and more, the amount of expenses piles up. With a coworking space like BOSS … Read more

The Economic Advantages of Coworking Spaces

Since 2005, coworking spaces have become a common environment for businesses across the United States. Coworking spaces have created a new environment for corporate America allowing workers to socialize with different businesses within their space. This in turn creates new opportunities for a variety of industries to network. These types of spaces don’t just boost … Read more

The Modern Workspace

Example of open Coworking stations with people working

What will the future of office spaces look like? The pandemic has forced society to re-think a lot of things, including how and where we work. Even before COVID, many firms moved to a remote model, choosing lower overhead (and shorter lease terms) for more labor. Many companies found that workers can be as productive … Read more

Helping Grapevine businesses Network Like a BOSS!

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Are you looking to surround yourself with like-minded professionals in the Grapevine area? Network Like A BOSS is the perfect place! As one of the fastest-growing networking groups in Grapevine, Network Like A BOSS is designed for business professionals to collaborate, network, and market on one another’s behalf. “I think networking groups are important because … Read more

New restaurant opening in BOSS building

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Piaf American Bistro is opening soon! Located in the same building as BOSS Office + Coworking, this French-influenced bistro will serve lunch and dinner. It will feature an outdoor patio and stay open until 2 am. It’s going where San Daniele was previously. Piaf will feature an extensive wine list and serve a range of … Read more