5 reasons working from BOSS Office + Coworking is better than a coffee shop

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As a business owner or entrepreneur in the digital age, you have to work on the go. Coffee shops are the number one place people are choosing to work outside of the home. It makes sense; they have coffee (a staple of any digital worker), a place to sit, and internet. But is it really a place to do your best work? Here are five reasons why working from BOSS Office + Coworking is better than a coffee shop.

Distracting Environment

Coffee machines are loud. People catching up with friends are loud. The music in the coffee shop could also be noisy. Is this environment conducive to concentration? Are you going to do your best, focused work there? At BOSS Office + Coworking, we have several different coworking areas to choose from. Find a quiet, comfortable nook to get things done. If you really need to hunker down to finish a task, we have sound-dampening call and conference rooms.

Fast, Secure Wifi

How fast is the wifi at your local coffee shop? Speeds are usually terrible, especially when more people try getting on all at once. And what’s to stop a hacker from setting up shop and stealing your data? At BOSS, we have super fast, secure wifi that’s only available to members. With multiple antennas around the space, you won’t have to worry about a dead spot.

Expensive Coffee

Most third-wave coffee shops offer a wide variety of specialty drinks. They usually start at $3 and go up. There’s an unspoken agreement if you plan on working from a coffee shop all day that you buy at least two or three drinks. Nevermind meeting a client and offering to pay for their drink. Your caffeine habit may cost you more than a professional coworking membership! BOSS’ coffee is always free and unlimited for all our coworking memberships. Go ahead! Have several cups a day! You’re working hard and deserve it. We won’t charge you.


What happens when you’re working from a coffee shot and that third or fourth cup of coffee has you running to the bathroom? Do you pack up all your things before going? Or leave your belongings out and hope they don’t get stolen? We don’t think you should have to make that choice. BOSS Office + Coworking has attendants watching out during working hours, security cameras 24/7, access cards for all our members, and lockable areas to store your gear while you’re out and about. All our private offices have lockable doors, and most of our dedicated desks have lockable drawers. Security is essential to us at BOSS.


Parking at a coffee shop always seems hit or miss. Sometimes it’s easy to find a spot; other times you may have to walk several blocks. BOSS Office + Coworking has a parking lot just steps from our entrance and right in Historic Downtown Grapevine. Never worry about parking again!

It's time to up your game!

If you’re ready for a more professional work environment, we’d love to introduce you to the BOSS Office + Coworking family! Spend a day coworking with us for FREE! Stop by our space any time, and we’ll help you get started. Or register online for your free pass to let us know you’re coming.

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Tired of working in coffee shops or your house? Let us show you a better option that fits every budget! Connect with us to schedule your visit or request information today.