The New FACE of Coworking: Flexibility, Autonomy, Collaboration, Energy


Let’s FACE it: Work can get monotonous! Working alone at home or in the same office with the same people every day can become mundane and routine. Maybe that explains why coworking spaces are in such high demand; people want an alternative to the traditional office or work from home experience. The most productive workers are intelligent, innovative thinkers who embrace new ideas and unconventional methods. They learn, share, and grow through interacting and connecting with other professionals. They are autonomous individuals who see their work as meaningful and gain momentum from the energy created through flexibility, independence and collaboration. They were made for the coworking atmosphere, or maybe the coworking environment was made for them!

Networking, training seminars, social events and flexible price points are some of the benefits that coworking spaces offer people from all “works” of life. But the benefits don’t stop there. Many people favor the coworking atmosphere because there is less competition, more connection opportunities, and less internal politics. Members can choose their preferred level of interaction on a daily basis because they have more freedom and independence.  Many people claim that shared offices give them space and permission to bring their true identity with them to work; they don’t have to reshape themselves to fit into a traditional office role. 

Professionals often realize that their jobs do not require daily office time, so they embrace the option of fewer in-office days. This is both cost effective and liberating. Some days workers require a quiet office space, some days they need collaboration, and some days they are completely free to not clock in at all so as to meet with clients or simply take care of personal matters.  This type of independence gives people control of their schedule and encourages hard work when needed and down time when appropriate. The concept of career autonomy is powerful, and coworking memberships are often the perfect match for independent and flexible workers in today’s environment. 

Coworking spaces create a sense of belonging both personally and professionally. Flexibility of using open coworking space to dedicated private office space feels professional without being stifling.  Building new professional relationships and networking opportunities become entirely possible instead of improbable. The removal of traditional office expectations gives people the liberty to work on their time schedule, collaborate in their comfort zone, and share energy and ideas with people who inspire them. This type of freedom and flexibility is not always available in a traditional office setting where there may be strict schedules and a lack of new ideas or creative energy. 

It is easy to understand why many entrepreneurs, staff workers, freelancers, and self employed people prefer coworking spaces. The advantages are as numerous as they are diverse: day passes, membership levels, short-term to long-term contracts, quiet work areas, space for collaboration, building of new relationships, flexible schedules, freedom to be yourself, access to state of the art equipment, and dedicated workspace to get your work done.  The stability, professionalism, and convenience of a coworking office gives people an established, yet contemporary space to create and produce meaningful work alongside other professionals.  Coworking spaces can provide access to upscale space at a shared cost helping people put their best face forward in the highly competitive business world.

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We love to see new faces at BOSS Office + Coworking. We welcome your unique identity and want to help you find the right space to produce meaningful work. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, and we work hard to meet individual needs while creating a strong sense of community.  So whether you are looking for a day pass, a quiet corner for open coworking, a meeting room for 5 – 35 people or a private office, we have the perfect space for you. 

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