Coworking Myths Debunked


Myth #1: Renting an office is a better option.

For small businesses, the overhead costs of an office rental is astronomical compared to a coworking space. And when you take into consideration the cost of Wi-Fi, coffee, printing, cleaning services, furniture, and more, the amount of expenses piles up. With a coworking space like BOSS Coworking, you not only get an office space but the amenities that come with it plus a built-in community of talented professionals. Plus, the networking perks that come with a coworking space are surprising. Renting a coworking space instead of office space gives you more benefits than you think without the higher cost.


Myth #2: Coworking is just for big cities.

The common misconception of coworking is that they are only in large cities with giant skyscrapers, this is not always the case. The truth is that coworking spaces are rapidly growing across the globe in smaller cities and communities, much like here in Grapevine and surrounding areas. Coworking spaces are beginning to cater to the community with more niche and boutique-style spaces opening up. These smaller spaces are able to adapt more easily and provide better benefits to the surrounding residents while working with the community members to become an ideal space. Smaller cities also get the added benefit of an economic boost within the community, which gives a benefit to the local economy. And if you’re a new business in the area, it allows you to network within the community with ease.


Myth #3: Coworking spaces are for tech startups or freelancers and creatives only.

This is the most common misconception of coworking spaces. Yes, freelancers and tech startups are typically drawn towards coworking spaces. However, anyone who has a more flexible work arrangement can benefit from coworking spaces. The benefits of utilizing the number of spaces and resources you are given is astronomical. The diversity of company sizes and types within coworking spaces is increasing rapidly as their marketplace expands. It also is more convenient than a community to an office or having to work in a coffee shop. It is easy to access for all types of businesses and the sky’s the limit. 


Myth #4: Coworking is too distracting.

When you think of coworking spaces, you most likely think of people around a ping-pong table or crowded around a table in the break room chatting away. Coworking spaces are so much more than that. While you do have areas where people can collaborate or relax, you also have spaces where you can quietly get work done. There are a variety of options for members depending on their ideal working environment. If you want a quiet, private office, you have the option to utilize a space like that. If you need a small meeting room, coworking spaces have that too. Coworking spaces allow their members to participate in discussions in an organized manner that does not disrupt the productivity of other members. In fact, it has been proven that working in a coworking space boosts productivity and can promote good business practices. 

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Coworking Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Renting an office is a better option. For small businesses, the overhead costs of an office rental is astronomical compared



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