The Modern Workspace

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What will the future of office spaces look like? The pandemic has forced society to re-think a lot of things, including how and where we work. Even before COVID, many firms moved to a remote model, choosing lower overhead (and shorter lease terms) for more labor. Many companies found that workers can be as productive working from home as they were in an office. However, most employees are reporting that they miss the social interaction that an office provides. While workspace flexibility was not created by COVID, the trend has certainly been accelerated by the pandemic. Enter coworking spaces.


A more affordable and convenient way to maintain an office space is to use a shared space. Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular as even large companies are using flexible workspaces to attract and keep talent. Coworking is not just for start-ups! Many workers appreciate working remotely while still having access to a professional workspace such as BOSS Office + Coworking. A recent article argues that as much as 30 percent of all office spaces will be consumed flexibly by 2030. A blended work environment of home offices and shared spaces seems to be the sweet spot for firms that are catering to the modern worker.


There are still times when an actual office is needed. Not every business interaction can take place in a coffee shop. When meeting spaces are needed, coworking spaces such as BOSS Office+Coworking offer affordable alternatives to having a permanent office building. There remains a need for team meetings in person by most firms, and coworking spaces meet the demand. BOSS offers meeting rooms of various sizes to accommodate small groups to team training with the latest technology!


No one can say for sure what the future demand for shared spaces will look like. The current trends point to a growth that will change the way businesses think about the workspace. For now, the co-working offerings are being taken in earnest, and building owners are shifting their paradigm to align with demand. Maybe those cool old downtown buildings will come alive again with workers. Main Street shops will flourish again. Communities will reap the benefits. The business will continue as usual, well, the new usual.

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