The Economic Advantages of Coworking Spaces

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Since 2005, coworking spaces have become a common environment for businesses across the United States. Coworking spaces have created a new environment for corporate America allowing workers to socialize with different businesses within their space. This in turn creates new opportunities for a variety of industries to network. These types of spaces don’t just boost the social advantages of a business, but the economic advantages as well. 

One of the economic benefits of coworking spaces is that it’s affordable. Businesses pay for what they need when they need it while sharing the cost of larger common areas. Companies can then focus less on overhead and more on growing. A variety of terms and workspace options gives them flexibility. This is especially advantageous to fast-growing businesses. 


Coworking spaces provide an abundance of additional benefits, such as mentorship, business planning, and collaboration. This type of workplace has the ability to spark an innovative spirit in their employees by helping them think and view concepts from different perspectives. This can expand the company’s network leading to new business and increased profits.

Another benefit from many coworking facilities is a fully furnished workspace that includes equipment and technology needed to conduct day-to-day business. Therefore, eliminating much of the anxiety and costs associated with setting up a new office. According to, it can cost up to $21,000 to furnish the interior of an office. For startups and small businesses, this can be a significant expense. This money can be saved by using a coworking space and allocating those funds elsewhere in the business, such as technology, operations, talent, and more. 


Lastly, coworking spaces assist with local economic development. They take underutilized spaces and develop them for commercial use. Filling up buildings brings more foot traffic to nearby businesses stimulating the local economy.

Shared offices have evolved into the workspace of the future! More companies recognize the economic gain and flexibility in utilizing these types of spaces. Shared space gives employees autonomy in the workplace allowing them to work from home while still having access to a professional environment. This results in increased job satisfaction allowing companies to attract and retain higher-quality candidates.



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