Why Coworking in Grapevine Beats Working in a Coffee Shop Anytime

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Have you ever tried working in a busy, noisy space? It’s not easy in the slightest, you may become so distracted that you don’t get anything done. Add in the tempting smell of coffee to the noise and its game over.

There are better options for the busy remote worker. A place where you can mingle with other people in your field. Yes, working in a co-working space will trump a coffee shop every time in terms of experience.

Here are just a few ways that you will benefit from ditching working in a coffee shop and setting up in a Co-working environment.

1. Safer Toilet Breaks

Imagine typing away on your laptop when all of a sudden, nature calls. You will be faced with the difficult decision of leaving your stuff and hope no one tampers with it or holding it in until you’re done for the day.

You also have the option of packing up all your things and running to the restroom but your table might not be available when you get back. It boils down to the fact that you can’t trust coffee shop patrons.

You won’t have this issue by working in a co-working environment. You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who you can trust more not to touch your things. You also won’t risk your seat by getting up and leaving for five minutes.

2. You Won’t Have to Test Your Willpower

While it’s true that when you work in a co-working environment you may have to pay for a room, there is no temptation to buy tasty pastries or coffees throughout the workday.

Even if the temptation of working in a coffee shop doesn’t get to you, you might feel pressured to buy something.

3. Time Will Be On Your Side

If you want to get a good seat in a coffee shop you’ll need to arrive when they open, or at least before a heavy flow of customers starts pouring in.

On the flip side of that, coffee shops eventually close, and when they do, you’ll get kicked out. This means that if you’re more productive when you’re working at night you’ll be left without a space to work in.

Most co-working spaces are open 24 hours so if you work better at night rent your space at night. It’ll be open for you. Say goodbye to the pressures of trying to hurry and wrap up your work. That can really wreck your flow.

4. Networking

When you’re working in a co-working space you’re in a room with other remote workers just like yourself. That means you can get some pretty sound advice.

If you’re a writer you might get to hear some interesting conversations that might contribute to your work, but isn’t it better if the conversations you overhear are related to your field?

Even if it isn’t related to your field you might learn something about another one that you didn’t even know before. There is just something about working with others just like yourself.

The only disadvantage to this is sometimes you get caught up talking about your work with others and forget to actually work.

5. Coffee Shops are Noisy

Coffee shops are filled with distracting background noise. You’re overhearing conversations from customers, you have to hear the sound of coffee making, and coffee shops typically pay music. It’s like you’re thrown into an alternate universe where you can read minds.

While there might be conversations going on in a co-working environment, there isn’t all this other unnecessary noise that your brain has to filter through.

6. Coffee Shops are Less Reliable

Working in a coffee shop is always a fun little guessing game. Maybe the wifi will work today, maybe it won’t. Who knows! Okay, so it’s not really that fun when you’re trying to get stuff done.

The point is sometimes in a coffee shop the wifi will act up and then you’re left with finding another shop, or waiting for it to kick back on. Wouldn’t you like something a little more reliable?

You can get that in a co-working space. These spaces are specially catered toward remote workers so you can always count on a reliable wifi connection.

7. Limited Seating

There are very few seating options in a coffee shop. You risk the unfortunate scenario of getting that one seat without a power outlet for your laptop. You’re faced with waiting for an outlet table to open up and rushing on it like a glutton.

Co-working areas are set up with you in mind with plenty of table space, and tons of outlets for you to choose from.

8. Coffee Shops Aren’t Very Supportive

Depending on where you go, most coffee shops don’t want you lingering around for an entire day working. It’s bad for business because it’s one less table that can be used for steady customers.

You’ll be faced with having to buy something every 1-2 hours or so and that is hard on the wallet. They need the compensation to make you keeping the table worth it to them.

Ditch Working in a Coffee Shop

Working in a coffee shop has to many potential problems to make working remotely in one worth it. A co-working space is specially created for workers like you in mind, no matter what weird hours you like to work. Save your wallet and ditch the coffee shop.

Want to learn more about working in a co-working space? Contact us to see how it can benefit you.

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