See why Clay loves his BOSS office.

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Clay Hart works as an independent insurance agent for Haeussler Insurance Agency. He and his team also occupy an office at BOSS Office + Coworking in Grapevine, Texas.

“I personally went out and looked at about 20 different office spaces,” said Clay. “This was the most well decorated, nicest personnel, great location, great atmosphere. One of the few places I saw where I was excited to come to work.”

Clay said he was struck by the space the first time he visited.

“First time I walked in the door I was like, ‘I wish my house was decorated like this.'”

BOSS features a variety of tastefully decorated spaces to help you concentrate on work. Find a desk with a great view of Downtown Grapevine or relax on a couch near the fireplace. Need to take a call? BOSS has phone booths and small conference rooms for when you need some privacy.

Clay also likes how close BOSS Office + Coworking is to his house. Instead of spending gas and time getting to work, he spends more time actually getting stuff done. Studies show that cutting down on your commute can actually help lengthen your life. Take back your time, the only real resource you have, by coworking closer to home.

Clay and his team are already looking at a space upgrade; They keep growing their team. Luckily, BOSS has a variety of spaces to meet his needs.

“You’ve got to come see it. I think it just kind of sells itself,” said Clay. “You’ll be happy you did.”

Ready to join Clay and his team at a coworking space in Grapevine, Texas? Come by and visit BOSS! From a single virtual office all the way up to offices for your whole team, we’ve got the space you’re looking for. Come see why more and more people are getting out of the busy city and setting up shop in Historic Downtown Grapevine. Get your free day pass today and see how you like it.

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