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Why Aaron works from BOSS Office + Coworking

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Aaron Metzger is owner of Catapult Digital, a company delivering digital marketing plans for clients in North Texas.  He now offices out of BOSS Office + Coworking in Historic Downtown Grapevine.

Many remote employees and former at-home workers are trying to find a space to call their own.

“Trying to separate work time and playtime is difficult, especially when you have a kindergartener at home,” Aaron said.  “So getting out of the house was really important.”

He wanted to get out of the house, but Aaron was tired of driving across town for work. Shortening his commute was one of the major reasons Aaron wanted to start working out of BOSS.

“It takes four and a half minutes to get to work on a bad day.  I can walk my kid to school in the mornings,” he said. “Get more of my life back after spending an hour each way on the road.”

Like many of the coworkers at BOSS, Aaron values the input and feedback he gets on a daily basis.

“There’s always something to learn and somebody to engage with.”

He likes the energy of the space and being around other like-minded people, from freelancers to CEOs. Experts agree that social interaction is good for your mental health.

He also likes that it’s a big enough space to stretch your legs.

BOSS Office + Coworking features tables, desks, a lounge area, and more so you can find the work environment that best suits you, whether you’re looking for leg room or a comfy chair. BOSS also has a kitchen and bar area with free coffee, espresso, and tea.

Aaron knows that he can take a walk on his lunch break and be right in the middle of downtown Grapevine. “Not only is the space nice and accommodating, it’s also a place that you want to be.”

BOSS is located in Historic Downtown Grapevine, just minutes from Weinbergers Deli, Big Fish Seafood Grill, and more.  “You can’t get a better location in Grapevine.”

Want to work with Aaron and other BOSS Office + Coworking regulars? Sign up for a free pass and stop by today!

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