Eight benefits of coworking in Grapevine

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Working from home has become more common in the last 10 years. In 2013, a study revealed about 20 percent of Americans were working out of their homes regularly. A more recent 2017 study found that more than 40 percent of people work remotely at least part of the time, and the percentage of people working outside of a normal office is expected to continue to rise in the future.

If you’re part of this growing trend, coworking at BOSS Office + Coworking might be a great option. It allows you to work in an office setting when you don’t want to work at home, and it provides you with a long list of benefits:

Here are eight benefits to coworking in Grapevine:

1. Add structure to your day.

In theory, the idea of working from home sounds fantastic. You wake up whenever you want, start working when you feel like it, and knock off early when you’ve had enough. But many people tend to struggle when working from home. Some people get up early and write out a schedule. Others set time limits for each task. Even when using these strategies, it can be almost impossible to stick to the same schedule when someone’s not forcing you to do it. It’s easy to get off track or struggle to start your day right.

This is less of a problem in a coworking space. You can decide what time you want to arrive every day. This adds a sense of structure to your work. Structure might sound like a bad thing when you crave the freedom that comes with running your business or working remotely, but you’ll quickly find that it helps you get things done.

2. Avoid distractions.

Even the most focused and driven of us get distracted when we’re working out of our homes. Your spouse, kids, pets, mailman, TV, and unfinished loads of laundry can all turn into time-sucking distractions. Coworking can help you avoid the distractions. Sure, you’ll be surrounded by other people, but those people are also focused on getting stuff done! It may take some time to get used to a new environment, but you’ll adjust inside of a week.

3. Live healthier.

Workers who don’t have to leave their house in the morning, walk to their car, drive to work, and walk to their office don’t move as much as those who do. When you work from home, there could be many days when you don’t leave the house at all. Going from your bed to your computer could be the extent of your exercise for the day. Those who work at home are also tempted to eat more often than those who work in an office. Whenever you need a break, it’s easy to walk to the refrigerator for a snack. Snacks can add up over time if you’re not careful.

Fight an unhealthy lifestyle with a coworking membership at BOSS! Many of our members walk to work or take a stroll at lunch. Our location on Main Street in Grapevine is perfect for exploring during the day. Take the stairs (we’re on the second floor!). Find a workout buddy that also offices out of BOSS. Visit the gym at lunch or after work.

4. Steer clear of loneliness.

When you first start working from home, alone time can feel great. You don’t have coworkers bothering you every five minutes or a boss breathing down your neck. You can skip out on all the office drama and gossip. But over time, working by yourself can start to take its toll. Isolating yourself from others can make you miserable if you don’t establish regular social connections.

Find new friendships at a coworking space like BOSS. Meet new people in your industry or folks that do something completely different. These connections are different than typical office relationships because you CHOOSE to be there. The people who work alongside you in a coworking space feel more like real friends and less like coworkers.

5. Network with your peers.

People from different industries frequent coworking spaces, so there’s a good opportunity to network with people who can help your business or career. If you’ve never tried using a coworking space before, it’s worth it for the networking opportunities alone.

6. Brainstorm with others.

If you’re working at home, you could try asking your spouse… or cat… for input. They may not be super helpful. Coworking spaces like BOSS give you the chance to share ideas with a diverse group of people.

7. Take advantage of a professional meeting space.

Every now and then, you might need to arrange a business meeting with a client. You could invite them over to your home office, but why run the risk of looking unprofessional? BOSS offers you another option: meeting rooms and event space that lends credibility. Whether you’re holding a one-on-one meeting with a client or a larger meeting with your associates, you have the space to impress.

8. Balance home and work life.

When you work from home, it’s easy for work and your personal life to overlap. You may think you’re saving time and getting more accomplished by cutting out your commute. More likely you’ll find yourself working in your underwear at 2 A.M. (not that you shouldn’t if that’s your thing). Having a physical place to get work done helps your mind switch between your work life and your personal life. Start creating this separation by setting work hours. When you intentionally show up somewhere dressed for work, you’ll be in a better state of mind to complete your tasks.

Ready to see if working at BOSS Office + Coworking in Grapevine, TX is for you? Give us a try at no cost! We want to offer you a free day pass to see if it’s a fit. Visit bossdfw.com/contact, fill out the form, and schedule a trial run.

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