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BOSS Office + Coworking is a Grapevine-based company that provides innovative shared workspace for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate telecommuters and companies expanding into new markets. BOSS’ friendly team serve their members and guests with an unmatched level of service and Grapevine hospitality leading them to become valuable extensions to their members’ businesses! This combined with the best attributes of Coworking and Executive Suites creates the optimal environment for businesses to quickly grow and thrive.

BOSS has carefully designed multi-purpose workspaces including:

  • Large Forum for Workshops/Seminars with high-tech A/V system
  • Break Room with an over-sized island converting to an entertainment space
  • Lounge Area with a fireplace and a variety of workspace options

BOSS has a passion for creating and cultivating opportunities for our amazing members! Come see for yourself!

Amy Hill


Entrepreneur and business leader with over 25 years experience in executive management in areas of legal, architecture, public finance, recruiting, property management with over 10 of those years in shared office space development. Amy was a founding team member of a global shared workspace company where she played an important role in the innovative and strategic planning of operational, community development and growth of communities that served entrepreneurs and business managers by providing the services, resources and communities that lead to success until her departure in April, 2018 to join the Westwood Group Land Development family. Amy has a talent for creating innovative business programs and has a powerful track record for creating workspace and communities with a culture that offers an unmatched level of service ( just ask any of her members/clients) creating high retention. Amy is excited to use her experience and skillset to continue growing BOSS into an office and coworking space that is unique, innovative and ignites creativity and passion in our BOSS Team and BOSS Members alike. She intends to serve our members so well they remain long-term clients and networking partners growing our businesses together!

Landry Starks


Landry is a recent graduate from the University of Memphis where she graduated with honors, with a degree in journalism and a Public Relations concentration. During her time in college, she had multiple internships including one with Victoria’s Secret “PINK” brand. She also simultaneously worked for Red Bull’s mobile marketing team for three years—so she’s no stranger to time-management skills.

In June of 2018, she accepted the Community Manager position at BOSS Office + Coworking and moved to Dallas, TX. Landry has a talent for creating a space in which creativity and good communication is at the forefront of the business. Her emotional intelligence and passion strive toward greatness, creates an unmatched level of service for her members/clients. Landry is excited to cultivate and grow the BOSS brand with the guidance and assistance of her amazing team members. Her hope is that every one of her members feels motivated to work hard, connect, network, and expose their inner BOSS!


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BOSS is located on Main Street in the world renowned and highly sought-after Historic Downtown Grapevine, TX area. Grapevine is known for its restored 19th- and 20th-century buildings. Visitors come from all over the world to attend Main Street events such as Grapefest, Main Street Days, the many holiday celebrations, etc. Main Street is lined with restaurants, galleries, historic landmarks, shops and so much more! The Cotton Belt Railroad is a 5 minute walk from BOSS where you will find artisans’ workshops that include a glassblowing studio, a blacksmith and a bronze foundry. The 1888 Cotton Belt Railroads is the starting point of the Grapevine Vintage Railroad.


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